Friday, November 30, 2007

Five Medals

Last night was Calvin's third gymnastics meet this season. For the first time, he won a medal in each event, for a total of five medals! (I'm not really sure how they decided how many medals to award in each event, but it has something to do with the # of gymnasts in each level). Here are the videos:

First, he started on the floor, and placed third, with a score of 8.85:

Next, the beam, with a score of 9.15 and second place:

Then bars, with a score of 8.95 and fourth place:

Lastly, the vault, with a score of 9.6 and first place:

(He always looks so darn serious during gymnastics!) Calvin also won the All Around medal, with a total score of 36.55. Some of these scores for the events were so close, only separated by .05 in some cases. It showed the kids how important each aspect of a routine is, such as pointed toes, keeping legs together and straight, and not touching your uniform or hair (did you know? that's a deduction during a routine!).

These gymnastics meet posts are starting to all look the same. :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

I've been working on some Jaywalker socks for my mom. I wanted to give them to her for Christmas. If you are a Ravelry member, you can see my project page here. Anyway, this is what happened on Saturday.
They were TOO SMALL! The zig/zag knitted pattern is just not very stretchy, and it was really hard to get the sock on my foot (mom and I wear the same size). I had gotten far enough to start the toe shaping, and had tried the sock on to be sure I had enough foot length. Once I found I could barely get them on, I asked my mom to try the sock on. She couldn't get it over her heel. I frogged them.

Instead, she won't get a surprise, but she'll get some toe-up ribbed socks:
Whether she'll get them in time for Christmas or her birthday (December 26) is another thing.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Big Meet

Last night was the "big" gymnastics meet for Calvin. "Big" in the fact that it wasn't just an intra squad meet, but the only one against another team, from a nearby YMCA. It was fun, and you could tell the kids were a bit more nervous than usual.

Here are the vids. Level 3s started on the vault, and Calvin scored an incredible 9.8:

Next he was on the bar. He had a rough time on them last night. I think he scored an 8.something:

Then they moved to the beam. I was nervous for him and don't remember his score, but he got first!

Lastly, they finished on the floor. I believe he scored a 9.0, and got third place:

After tallying all the scores, he won the All-Around trophy for the 8 and under Level 3s! He had told me the night before that he was hoping for that because "you know what, Mama? You get to take the trophy HOME!".
It was hard for him to go to sleep last night. :)

Next meet: November 29

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November Iris

The weather has definitely turned towards winter. I finally turned on the heat on Saturday, and it's supposed to freeze tonight. With all that, look at what I have blooming!
Isn't it pretty? I'm not sure if this is a double blooming iris (like my white one) or if it just bloomed this late because I moved it this summer. Either way, it sure is pretty.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Auction Bags

The education foundation here in our village holds a big ball every year, and does fundraising. This year they are having a "community art silent auction", and sent notes home from school asking people to make things for it. I offered to make either bags or a quilt, whichever they thought would do best, and bags were chosen. This week I made these two, and then I added the one I had in the state fair this year to make it a total of three. Hopefully they'll do well!