Thursday, March 29, 2007

I-Spy Quilt

I have to make a quilt for a church raffle by next Saturday (yeah, in eight days). I've procrastinated on this for a long time, but now the deadline looms! I've decided to make an I-Spy quilt, as the raffle will be held at the annual church egg hunt, with lots of children. Last year I made the Clifford quilt.

I've taken part in a few I-Spy swaps over the past few years, and have quite a collection of 8" or 9" squares, along with scraps leftover from various garments (like the kissy lips). Last night while Calvin was at gymnastics, I started fussy-cutting the 4.5" blocks. I finished the rest up this afternoon, and 75 blocks later, I am ready to cut the background. I plan on setting these in what I think is called an alternate straight set, using sashing. You can see my pile of scraps on the left. I found out a few weeks ago that a local quilt shop near me (Dovely Quilts) collects scraps for charity quilts, so now I have a place to donate them! They are getting a nice bagful this weekend when I go pick up the batting. :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby Shower

Yesterday my friends Jennifer and Sara hosted a baby shower with me for our co-Leader Yael. I was in charge of the present, and made this pink batik baby sling. I added a zippered pocket and used wool batting in the rails, as that is what I had lying around. We planned the shower as a ladies 'tea', and had lots of treats: cookies, cupcakes, finger sandwiches, dips, cheese/crackers, and fresh fruit. Jennifer's oldest son and my oldest son came as our assistants, and helped take guests' coats, cleared dirty dishes, monitored the food levels, and were vigilant on candle patrol. :)

I was also in charge of the little party favors. I found a few different votive cups at Joann fabrics, at 40% off no less! I filled them partway with jelly beans, and then dropped a tea light in. They were finished off with a 12" x 12" square of tulle, tied off with 2 sheer ribbons. I had a lot of fun making these.

Now I need to get an I-spy quilt made for the Easter Raffle at church.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Steamer

Calvin broke my little handheld steamer on Thursday. I was so mad! I loved it -- nothing cleans a toilet that boys use like a steamer! Sunday afternoon I bought a new one. Yesterday I attacked my oven.

Before cleaning the inside (I had already done the door). I swear this oven is as old as I am, and it's supposedly 'continuous clean' which means it never is.

After about 30-45 minutes of cleaning, using the steamer and the scrub brush attachment, it looks a LOT better. I didn't even have to use much elbow grease -- the only hard part was leaning into the oven, and trying to see where I was cleaning, though all the steam. Best part? No stinky fumes or icky chemicals. Now I've got my eye on the gas grill. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bike Rider!

Look who can ride a bike now!

He did it for the first time on Monday, and now we can't get him off of it. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Spring Line

Last weekend Julie and Peter were up here visiting, and Julie and I did some shopping at H&M. I found a cute skirt and two blouses (well, the same blouse, in two different colors). I also saw a bunch of other cute blouses, and remembered I have a really cool brown and aqua Amy Butler print that I wanted to make into a skirt.

Wednesday I go back to H&M to exchange one of the blouses (I had bought a 10 and a 12, and needed the 12. Unfortunately, they didn't have a white one in 12), and brought my skirt fabrics (yes, plural) with me. I found 3 more blouses, and now I have the beginnings of my 'Spring Line':
First, my blouses. I have a cute brown eyelet (may have to go back and get the white), a striped aqua wrap, and a brown wrap. (I have this in black too, and am waiting for them to get it in the proper size in white. I'm not the only one that buys every color of something I like, am I?)

The skirt fabrics. On the left is the AB print, and then an aqua stripe (left over from this bag). I will make these into New Look 6596, using the stripe as a small ruffle on the bottom. The middle fabric is probably going to be made into a skirt like Beki's. The last two fabrics will also be a skirt, with the diagonal stripe used as a 1/2" binding on the hem. I haven't decided which of the previous two skirt patterns I'll use for this one.

Between these three skirts and three blouses, plus the brown skirt I bought last weekend, and then the white wrap blouse I'll go pick up, I have a nice little spring fling going on. Hey, it's almost like a SWAP! These will be great for kicking around in. All that is needed is to order some linings, and then .... SHOE SHOPPING!! :D I'm thinking some sort of brown flat, because even though I love heels, those aren't terribly practical for walking to the library, or biking to the park.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This week has been crazy busy, but tomorrow is the last hectic day, and then some normalcy (or at least what passes for that here). For now, some music:


both sung to me while waiting for Calvin's gymnastics class to end. Yes, he has the hiccups. :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just Bite Me

Remember the embroidery I made for my friend Beth for Christmas? She decided that she wanted it made into a little pillow that she can hang on a doorknob. This way, she can move it around the house. We went over to Joann Fabrics in January, and she picked this black cotton for the pillow part (it's a great print for the embroidery, but boy, is it crap. I can't imagine someone making an actual quilt or garment from it). Yesterday I made it up. I think it looks pretty cute, though I've got the hanger part much too long. She also said she didn't want it stuffed very full, so it stayed a bit flat (I used some scrap wool batting I had laying around). I haven't decided if it should have a little bit more though.

I'll be seeing her this afternoon, and get her thoughts on the changes I want to make. At a minimum I'll be shortening the cording. BTW, this chart can be found in the book Subversive Cross Stitch. I have another embroidery in the works, inspired by the Project RunGay boys; hopefully I can share a picture soon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goal Check In

Two months have passed by for 2007, and I thought I'd check my progress on my goals. So far, I'm not doing so well. The only things I've managed to do so far are some charity sewing and stay on top of the gift sewing. I haven't sewn anything for myself, haven't made anything for my boys, haven't put Ms. Belinda on her diet (and after Valentine's Day I need to go on a little one myself), or do anything with the windows. The sewing room is still a mess too.

On a good note, my 'sis' is sewing now! Take a look at the darling bags she's been making. I think they look fantastic, especially when you consider that she started sewing in January. I'm pretty sure she made the patterns up herself too.

Lastly, for something new and different, it's snowing. Again.