Monday, March 20, 2006

Swing Bag

I finished this Amy Butler Swing Bag this weekend. It's a present for a friend who just had her third baby. I think it's a nice size for use as a diaper bag on quick trips when one is bopping around town running errands. I added an inside pocket a la the Nappy bag (photo is of a different bag), so while technically this bag is still reversible, if you do reverse it, you get a pocket on the outside. I've made quite a few of these bags, and have cutting and construction down to a science! :) I made the pattern into a full pattern (instead of cutting on a fold), so I can cut out both sides at once.

I fell in love with the brown/aqua print and bought 3 yds. (Yeah, I know, I have issues. I have a post all figured out in my head about talking fabric) The bag only took .75 yds, so I plan to make a little bias skirt from the rest, trimming the hem with the aqua stripe I used in the lining, or, if I can find it, aqua tulle.

Now all I have to do is get some goodies to fill it (some Weleda Baby Cream, some onesies, maybe a candle and some pretty notecards, some chocolate, etc.), wrap it, and send it.

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beki said...

Your bag looks great! I love that fabric. I too have fabric issues, so I can't say a word.