Friday, March 17, 2006

Yeah, even more quilts...

(Julie and Jessica -- don't read this if you want to be surprised with the baby quilt)

I'm a garment sewist at heart. Really, I am! So far this year though, I've really been into the quilts. With all the babies coming, plus with 2 classes I'm taking (1 done, 1 in May), the quilts have taken over. I laugh to myself, because if you would've told me 7 years ago that I'd be a quilter, I'd have laughed in your face. David used to tell me that I should start quilting, that I'd like it and should give it a try. I would tell him, "Why would I want to take fabric, cut it up into little pieces, and sew it back together again? What a waste of time!". HA HA HA! Guess what I do now?

It all started so innocently -- I took a double-nine patch class when Calvin was 5 weeks old, and it was so fun! I hardly had to think! I could sew while the baby napped next to me, heck, I could even piece while nursing! Cotton doesn't wiggle like silk or stretch like knits. I really had fun picking fabrics to go together too!

So, here are three (yes THREE) more quilts to do. I picked this fabric up on Tuesday, for the baby quilt for my brother and his wife. I'll be doing the Delectable Inspirations quilt pattern from the June 2005 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. The quilt in the magazine is made from a variety of Amy Butler Ginger Bliss fabrics, and is just darling. I couldn't find enough of the AB fabrics, and I like these 5 just as well. The background fabric will be cream.

Remember Baby Quilt #2? I changed my mind on the fabrics. I fell in love with this koi print during one of my quilt classes in February, and bought 8 yards. This baby quilt is for the second child of some good friends. For their first child I made this quilt, also from a koi print. I thought it would be fun for the siblings to have similar quilts. I still plan the same pattern (double-nine patch, on point), so now I just need to decide what color the little squares will be. As I only need about 2.5-3 yds for the quilt, the rest will be for a quilt for our guest bed.

Right now, though, this is the quilt I need to finish. I cut it out last weekend, and I need to have it done by Easter. This Clifford quilt will be that same double-nine patch pattern (a quick one to make, plus looks really nice), and is for our church raffle. My goal for this weekend is to have the blocks all done.

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beki said...

Wow, you've been quiltin gup a storm! I love that recent fabric you picked up.