Monday, January 26, 2009

Swiss Cup

Calvin had another meet yesterday, and did quite well. His grandmother came all the way from Arizona to watch him compete, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He also had a surprise in store for us that he would not tell us about (and then slipped up and told us anyway. We decided we can scratch CIA operative off his list of possible careers. ^_^).

This time around, they started on high bar. His surprise was that he has finally gotten his kip! He scored 13.9 and got 4th place in the 9 year old age division:

Next was floor, which I think he did very well on. His score was 14.9 and that was good for 2nd place:

Pommel seems to be his weakest event. He got a 12.4 this time around:

On rings he scored a 14.2, good for 4th place:

His vault got a score of 14.6 and 2nd place:

On p-bars he got a 13.8 and 5th place. More importantly, he didn't fall:

His all around score was 83.8, good for 5th place overall in his age division. He was quite pleased with his routines and his six medals!

Next meet: February 7-8

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hats and Bones

I finshed a hat for Calvin yesterday at practice. This was such a fast hat to make! This was also my first experience with Malabrigo, and Yarndude? you were totally right, this stuff is great.
The pattern is Thorpe, a top-down hat with flaps. I made a medium, and it's a bit big. Rav project page is here. Look at the cute baby variation she has too! I'll be trying that one next, for a friend who had a little girl last Thursday. Calvin also wants me to put a pom pom on top. As I said, I finished this at practice last night, and one of the coaches saw it and practically begged me to make one for him. :) So, Calvin and I will go back to Loop and he'll pick out some yarn for Dave's hat.

Now, about those bones....
On Friday, Caleb slipped on the ice on his way to school. He hopped home (he had only made it to the next door neighbor), and said, "Mama? I fell down." I took one look at his now very swollen ankle and paged the doc. She said to take him to the ER or the clinic, so I took him over to the Urgent Care clinic. Two hours and four x-rays later, we were sent home with crutches and a boot, with instructions to call later on in the day for the final radiologist report. That came back as a possible distal fibula fracture (and it is) and instructions to see an orthopaedic doctor. We did so on Monday morning, and Caleb now has a cool black cast for the next six weeks. He also now is out for soccer, out for the snowboarding/ski club at school, and out for the next few scout campouts. :( The cast is a chick magnet, though. :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

LaFleur's Meet

Calvin had another meet this weekend. It was at our gym, which meant I had to help set up, tear down, and work a concessions shift. We both worked Saturday night (Calvin was a runner -- he would bring the scores over to the computer), which meant we got to also watch Levels 7-10 compete. Pretty cool!

He competed yesterday afternoon. He told me he was a little nervous, since they were the host team. Like last time, they started on floor. He got a 13.7, and 5th place in his age division (8-9):

Next was pommel horse. He got a 13.2, and 10th place:

Then he did rings, earning a score of 13.7 and 12th place:

Next was vault. He was pretty happy with it, as you'll see. He got a score of 14.3, which was part of a 4 or 5 way tie for 6th, but he got 9th place (to break a tie, they go to the all around score):

On p-bars he had some trouble. He got a score of 11.4:

Last was high bar. He is just so close to getting his kip! I watched him do one in practice on Friday. He got a score of 14.1 and 4th place:

His all around score was 80.4, and that got him 10th place. He was pretty happy, and it was so cute to see all the boys shaking hands and congratulating each other during the awards presentation.

Next meet: January 23-25!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm not going to bother with a review of 2008, as I seemed to really lose my sewing mojo, i completely lost track of fabric in/out and $ spent, and my goals were lost by the wayside a long time ago. :) I think I completed a whopping 4 or 5 items. whoo hoo!

BUT -- 2009 is a new beginning, right? Here's to a great new year!