Monday, January 26, 2009

Swiss Cup

Calvin had another meet yesterday, and did quite well. His grandmother came all the way from Arizona to watch him compete, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He also had a surprise in store for us that he would not tell us about (and then slipped up and told us anyway. We decided we can scratch CIA operative off his list of possible careers. ^_^).

This time around, they started on high bar. His surprise was that he has finally gotten his kip! He scored 13.9 and got 4th place in the 9 year old age division:

Next was floor, which I think he did very well on. His score was 14.9 and that was good for 2nd place:

Pommel seems to be his weakest event. He got a 12.4 this time around:

On rings he scored a 14.2, good for 4th place:

His vault got a score of 14.6 and 2nd place:

On p-bars he got a 13.8 and 5th place. More importantly, he didn't fall:

His all around score was 83.8, good for 5th place overall in his age division. He was quite pleased with his routines and his six medals!

Next meet: February 7-8


Micki said...

great job calvin! kate was mesmorized by your routines!

angie.a said...

AWESOME vids! That is so cool! Congratulations to him, what a trooper!

Cheryl said...

He is really good! And, he's so strong! Amazing...great job!

Gwen said...

Wow! Congratulations to Calvin! And thanks for the videos - it was really fun to watch. Isn't your heart in your throat the whole time you're watching him? Mine was... ;)

I also stopped by to say that I have an award for you on my blog - come by if you'd like to play, but no problem if you don't want to. :)