Monday, January 05, 2009

LaFleur's Meet

Calvin had another meet this weekend. It was at our gym, which meant I had to help set up, tear down, and work a concessions shift. We both worked Saturday night (Calvin was a runner -- he would bring the scores over to the computer), which meant we got to also watch Levels 7-10 compete. Pretty cool!

He competed yesterday afternoon. He told me he was a little nervous, since they were the host team. Like last time, they started on floor. He got a 13.7, and 5th place in his age division (8-9):

Next was pommel horse. He got a 13.2, and 10th place:

Then he did rings, earning a score of 13.7 and 12th place:

Next was vault. He was pretty happy with it, as you'll see. He got a score of 14.3, which was part of a 4 or 5 way tie for 6th, but he got 9th place (to break a tie, they go to the all around score):

On p-bars he had some trouble. He got a score of 11.4:

Last was high bar. He is just so close to getting his kip! I watched him do one in practice on Friday. He got a score of 14.1 and 4th place:

His all around score was 80.4, and that got him 10th place. He was pretty happy, and it was so cute to see all the boys shaking hands and congratulating each other during the awards presentation.

Next meet: January 23-25!


Kathleen C. said...

He's getting so good! The rings... wow! And the vault was amazing... way to stick the landing!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad that you post these videos. He's so good! Way to go Calvin! Iza says, "Calvin is the best!"

Bridget Smith said...

Hey, Linda! Surfed in here from Ravelry, when I really should be getting everyone ready for school. lol. Thanks for posting the videos. It was so cool seeing him actually competing--so different from watching at practice on Tuesday night. Calvin is doing so great! :o)