Monday, March 27, 2006

Baby Shower Fun

Saturday David, Connor, and I went to Chicago for a couples baby shower for Peter and Julie. It was a lot of fun. I got my baby fix by holding Brady, who will be 3 months old in the beginning of April, and Egan, who is about 9 months old. Sometimes Connor didn't like me holding the babies, but usually he was ok, and he had lots of other grownups to play with. :)

We played some silly games. The men had to see who could drink out of baby bottles the fastest. I guess it's pretty hard to drink from a bottle. The girls had to take toilet paper and guess how much we needed to go around Julie's belly. I was off by only a little bit, but her friend Emily got it dead on.

Julie and our friend Jessica are due within a week of each other (Julie with her first baby, Jessica with her second). Peter and Julie received some nice presents: a Baby Bjorn, some darling blankets and clothes, diapers, and toys. (I gave them some books: The Read Aloud Handbook and Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child).

I had a lot of fun, and the food was fantastic (I must get the recipe for the chicken/orzo salad). Connor enjoyed the mango gelato, and David liked having sushi, which we never have as I don't like seafood. Dessert was cookies and some incredible gelato in 3 different flavors. The mango was divine. Only 3 more months to go and I'll have a new niece or nephew -- I can't wait!!

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Terri said...

Chicken orzo salad sounds really good! If you get the recipe, would you mind sharing?