Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goal Check In

Two months have passed by for 2007, and I thought I'd check my progress on my goals. So far, I'm not doing so well. The only things I've managed to do so far are some charity sewing and stay on top of the gift sewing. I haven't sewn anything for myself, haven't made anything for my boys, haven't put Ms. Belinda on her diet (and after Valentine's Day I need to go on a little one myself), or do anything with the windows. The sewing room is still a mess too.

On a good note, my 'sis' is sewing now! Take a look at the darling bags she's been making. I think they look fantastic, especially when you consider that she started sewing in January. I'm pretty sure she made the patterns up herself too.

Lastly, for something new and different, it's snowing. Again.

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