Thursday, March 29, 2007

I-Spy Quilt

I have to make a quilt for a church raffle by next Saturday (yeah, in eight days). I've procrastinated on this for a long time, but now the deadline looms! I've decided to make an I-Spy quilt, as the raffle will be held at the annual church egg hunt, with lots of children. Last year I made the Clifford quilt.

I've taken part in a few I-Spy swaps over the past few years, and have quite a collection of 8" or 9" squares, along with scraps leftover from various garments (like the kissy lips). Last night while Calvin was at gymnastics, I started fussy-cutting the 4.5" blocks. I finished the rest up this afternoon, and 75 blocks later, I am ready to cut the background. I plan on setting these in what I think is called an alternate straight set, using sashing. You can see my pile of scraps on the left. I found out a few weeks ago that a local quilt shop near me (Dovely Quilts) collects scraps for charity quilts, so now I have a place to donate them! They are getting a nice bagful this weekend when I go pick up the batting. :)


stacy said...

I can't wait to see the finished quilt!!!

Anonymous said...

I learned some new terms from your post! Didn't know there was a name for that stuff! Yay for learning!

Annie said...

Linda, this is going to be wonderful. I don't know how you whip out these quilts so quickly! Do you quilt them yourself?