Sunday, April 01, 2007

I-Spy Layout

Yesterday afternoon I laid out the I-spy blocks on my design wall. First I just laid them all out in the alternate straight set layout, with no regard to what was next to what. Then I found I needed 5 more blocks, so I rummaged around and cut them. Finally I started moving stuff around, trying to make sure the lights, darks, and reds were arranged in a pleasing manner.

Last night I cut the sashing and started piecing the rows. I do one row at a time. To be sure I keep the blocks in order, I do each row the same way. I layer the blocks from left to right (leaving the last one on the wall) with the leftmost block on the top of the pile. Then I chain stitch the sashing to the right side of each block. When I cut the chain apart at the ironing board, I make sure to keep them in order. Then I chain stitch adjacent blocks together, adding the last block in a set, if necessary. Lastly, I stitch all those sets together, making a long strip, and I put it back in its place on the wall, and go on to the next row.

After working on it last night, I have 3 more rows to piece. Then I'll cut and add the wider pieces that fill in the short rows, and the sashing between the rows.

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