Saturday, April 07, 2007


I stitched the binding down on Thursday night, and slipstitched it to the back yesterday. Here's a shot of the fun fabric I picked for the back: sock monkeys with the numbers one through five! It's a lightweight flannel, and I have enough leftover for some boxer shorts for Calvin. He's pretty excited about that.
The egg hunt was today, and it was literally freezing. When we pulled up, the car said it was 24 degrees outside -- I'm sure it was quite a bit colder with the wind chill. Still, we had a good time getting eggs. After getting about 10, Connor decided he was done, and wanted to go sit in the car. :) Not many people stayed for the raffle, and I have no idea who will get the quilt. I won a gift certifcate to Applebees.


New Mama said...

The quilt is beautiful!

Where was the Easter egg hunt? I'd like to take Henry to one next year...if it's any warmer in 2008!

suzee said...

Just wonderful! And a nice stash cleaner-outter? I'm looking for some of those, lately!