Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lions! Tigers! Bears!

Calvin had a class at the zoo today, and we spent some time looking around afterwards. We saw lots of animals (including lions and tigers. His class was all about bears). Connor was thrilled to see the elephants (he has an elephant obsession).

We saw giraffes. I didn't know this, but they can go for a week without a drink!

We spent a lot of time watching this little guy. It was moving around, and we were hoping to see it change color. (it didn't, as it stayed on the leaves)

It was cool to see the green tree python baby. We read Verdi quite often, so to see a real one was neat. The mama (I think? an adult one) was hanging out on a branch in the habitat too.

However, the MOST coolest thing was the new cat house. The cats can come right up to the glass, and you are inches away from them. The lioness was pretty attracted to Calvin - we think she kept noticing the reflection of his glasses:

I didn't get it on the video, but she even snarled and snapped, which made everyone jump the first time.

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Patricia said...

What a fun trip to the zoo. I was taken to the Memphis Zoo a couple of years ago and they have a similar habitat for the Gorillas. I love, love, love Gorillas. One came right up to the glass while I was watching. So thrilling.

So Connor loves Elephants? We have an excellent Elephant Santuary in Holenwald, TN. They have a wonderful website with the personal stories of each of the "girls" including information about why they have only females there. They are allowed to do whatever they want, all day and all night; lots of information about that too. The Santuary is about 2,700 acres. What Connor and the boys will love is the EleCam which allows us to see the elephants and they go about their daily activities. One of the elephants, Tarra, actually has her own dog, Bella, who goes everywhere with her!!!
Here is the link: