Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Still Around

I've been very busy sewing! Last week I made a set of 3 juggling scarves for Caleb (out of silk organza). He plans to dye them with my silk paints. They are a little stiff, so we may end up getting some silk chiffon or crepe de chine instead. (anyone juggle? what fabric would you recommend?). I also finished up a few more pinwheel blocks for this quilt -- they had been half constructed and sitting on my ironing board for months. The baby that this quilt is for will turn one in July; I hope to get in done by then!

My big project was building 3 garments for Milwaukee Shakespeare. Their production of 1 Henry IV opens on the 21st (if you are in the area, do try and get to a show, they are top notch). My boys came with me when we delivered the first two (and I ended up with the 3rd), and had a blast watching the rehearsal (they were doing some fight choreography), checking out props, and just being behind the scenes. I am in the middle of doing a 4th garment, which I plan to finish by tomorrow at the latest. I've had a lot of fun doing this job!

I took Calvin to a kid's fishing clinic on Saturday. I've always said I dislike fishing (and I still will not eat any seafood), but I sure had a good time with him. He's really good at casting, and is so patient, sitting there waiting for a bite. He didn't catch anything, but I've promised to take him fishing a few times this spring (and now I know how to tie all the knots).

I also cut out and am almost finished with a skirt for myself. It just needs elastic and a hem -- pictures later on in the week.

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