Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Pinwheels

I started working on the new pinwheel blocks this week. Looks a lot better, doesn't it? Before you ask: no, I didn't frog the old blocks, I just started over. I have more than enough fabric.

I picked up two quilts on Wednesday -- the green one and the delectable mountain one. All that is needed now is the binding, and they are finished! Unfortunately ....

.... my sewing machine is possessed. It continues to stitch even when I take my foot off the pedal. Since I have to go over to the fair to pick up my entries tomorrow, I'll drop it off for diagnostics (the shop is just down the street from the fair). Hopefully it's something simple, and in the meantime, I'll get out my Featherweight.


cmarie12 said...

Linda ~ hope your sewing machine troubles are minimal and that it can come home the same day with you!

taiber 5 said...

Your quilts and other "musings" and children are wonderful, adorable, and a joy to keep tabs on. At this very moment I introduced myself to Go Fug Yourself through your site. Where on earth did you hear of these women??

I'm about to put a link to your blog AND these GFY chicks. They're funny!

p.s. When we gals were in FL last month we were discussing blogs, and how we get to other peoples' through those we know. My friend Jami made me laugh super hard when she said, "yeah, and when I get to Linda's blog I'm like 'way to go! You finished that nappy bag!'"

p.p.s. She accessed you through Tara Vinlove.

Blogs are great, aren't they?

Lisa D. said...

The pinwheel blocks are much crisper with the solid fabric next to the red. Maybe you can use the previous blocks you made on the back of the quilt?