Friday, August 25, 2006

Visiting Chicago

On Wednesday we drove down to Chicago to visit with Julie, Peter, and 'Cuzzy', and deliver his quilt.

We went to have lunch at Potbellies, and then took the L to Millenium Park.

The boys had a blast playing in The Crown Fountain. I had seen pictures of this before, but had no idea it was a fountain to play in!

Every once in a while, water spurts out of the mouth of the face on the screen.

We also had fun looking at our reflections in the 'bean'. If you go underneath, you see oodles of yourself reflected all over.

The Museum of Science and Industry had a Family Tent set up with various projects, to coordinate with their Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit.

After supper, we had birthday cupcakes. :)

I also got to watch Project Runway for the first time! I've heard and read about it on Stitcher's Guild and Pattern Review, but my only real exposure has been Amber's fantastic recaps on her blog. I really enjoyed the show, and I LOVED Angela's glasses -- I want a pair. I've put Season 1 on my Netflix list.


Kelly said...

What a fun day! (love Amber's blog too)

Julie & Peter said...

When you get season one of Project Runway, I want to borrow it!