Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Calvin is seven years old today! However, he's technically not seven until around 10:20 pm tonight, as he's been telling everyone.

He had a dramatic entry into this world: born on the front stairs of the house we were in. I was trying to get downstairs into the car. (that's why we only have an approximate time of his birth -- we went by the time on the doctor's pager)

Hard to believe that was seven years ago! He's a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to his next year.

He knew exactly what kind of cake he wanted. "I want a swirly cake that is round and high, with chocolate frosting and bumps on the top and bottom, with Lindt chocolate on the sides, and swirly ice cream". Swirly cake means marble cake, swirly ice cream means fudge ripple. He helped me make it by taste testing each step. :)

Happy Birthday, baby!


Julie & Peter said...

I'd like to put in a request for MY birthday... I want a "Calvin" cake just like this one!!! MMMM!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Calvin!!!!

bfmomma said...

oohhh... happy birthday! I so remember his entry and how quickly his story made the rounds (including david's disbelief that you were having the baby RIGHT THEN!)


I wouldn't mind a birthday cake like that, either. Swirly is my favorite cake and ice cream!

Debbie Cook said...

Happy birthday Calvin!!

Wow, that is some cake you two created!!

sewingsuzee said...

Happy birthday, Calvin!

He looks just like you. :-)

Kelly said...

Happy Seventh Birthday Calvin!

Seven is such a good number!

(p.s. I can't believe you gave birth on the stairs!)

rostitchery said...

i'm late but i couldn't go away without wishing calvin a FANTASTIC year as a seven year old, and wishing you, dear linda, another happy year as one of the best mothers i know.