Friday, August 11, 2006

Walking Stick

Look at what we found on the back door this morning!

Isn't it cool? I put it in a quart canning jar, and then Caleb found the bug habitat, so that we can show Calvin when he gets home from gymnastics.

Connor thinks it's pretty neat. "See bug!" he keeps saying. Caleb is going to search online to find out more about what they eat. Maybe we'll keep it for a few days. :)


bfmomma said...

That is SO cool! T. would have loved to see it...

And is Caleb loving his big boy room? :)

Oh, wanted to say that M. has not willingly slept away from us yet. Just twice--once with Grandma and once with C. when she was babysitting until midnight.

patsijean said...

I think walking sticks eat bugs. We saw one on the side of our house under an outdoor light. Don't keep too long or it will die, which may scare the boys. In the long run, wild creatures belong in their natural environment.

Debbie Cook said...

That is SO cool! We have lots of bugs here in FL (the icky kind), but I've never seen one of those in person.