Thursday, August 03, 2006

My 15 minutes

I just picked up a copy of the North Shore Herald, a local newspaper. Last week someone interviewed me for an article on the State Fair, and it was printed today. Unfortunately, the article isn't available online, but if you live in the area, go take a look! It's on pages 26-27 (they have copies at Harry Scwhartz on Oakland). There's a big picture of me fake-ironing a blouse. :)

The reporter found out my judging results: I got second-place for the pink tweed jacket. Yay!

edited to add this link for the article.


patsijean said...

Second Place !!! Yay is right. Congratulations, your jacket is swell (haven't used that word is a long time).

jennifer. said...

Just read the article, nice. Congrats on the red ribbon!

sewingsuzee said...

So deserved! (Actually, FIRST was deserved...)

Congratulations on your new-found fame.

kelly said...

Congratulations! I'll be at the fair tomorrow and will be sure to check it out.