Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Bottom Bunk

David got back from Sturgis last night, yippee!! I don't sleep well when he's away.

Anyway, as I posted earlier, I switched the boys' rooms. Now Caleb will have his own room, and Calvin and Connor will share. I made the bunk beds up again, and last night Connor slept on the bottom! All. By. Himself! Bedtime was 9:00, he nursed a bit and went to sleep. He cried out a bit around 1:30, I went to check on him, he nursed a bit more, and then went right back to sleep. He got up around 6:00, came into my bed and snuggled a bit.

It was nice to have my bed mostly all to myself again. :)


sewingsuzee said...

Three cheers for Connor! And three cheers for you!

Julie & Peter said...

what a big boy! two years old tomorrow!