Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Nephew's Quilt

It's finished!!!

We left yesterday to go visit. We rolled it up and tied it with a ribbon.

Doesn't he look cute on it? It's nice and big, so it'll be good for naps when he's older too (or when my brother is snoozing with him while watching a Cubs game).

He's grown so much since we saw him in the beginning of July. I have 5 blocks leftover, so I plan to make a pillow to match.

I'll post some photos of our trip tomorrow.


Julie & Peter said...

We love the quilt!!! Thanks Aunt Linda!!!

Evelyn said...

Wow, I love the quilt. I also love the idea that it's big enough for him to use when he's older. If you can please tell me how big it is I would appreciate it. I'm expecting a boy in January and would like to make him a quilt as well. Thanks

Kelly said...

Oh my dearie me! What a gorgeous quilt. Bravo Linda!

Lisa D. said...

That is just the most beautiful baby quilt - and baby! Nicely done!

mamafitz said...

thanks for all the compliments!

evelyn, i think the quilt is about 50x60. that's about the usual size i make them, or near enough.