Sunday, August 06, 2006

and then there were two....

I'm down to two kidlets at home -- Caleb left for Camp Dry Gulch early early early (4:00 am) this morning. Even though I had to wake him at 2:00 to get ready, he was quite excited.

Calvin did not want him to go, though. He will miss him quite a bit (nevermind the fact that they argue half the time!). Next year they will be going together, since Calvin will be old enough.

There's the bus, ready for takeoff! I know all the kids are going to have a fantastic time, and hopefully won't get too hot. We'll see Caleb on Thursday night! My plan is to surprise him with switched bedrooms. The countdown begins!


sewingsuzee said...

Sleep away camp! Awesome. Hope he has as fabulous a time as his smile suggests he plans to!

patsijean said...

We (4 kids) went to camp every summer as kids. We loved it!!! A supervised, organized week away from home is a good break for parents, stimulating for kids, and important steps toward automony and independence. And, just plain ole'fashion fun.