Monday, April 17, 2006

Clifford's ABC

Normally I don't name my quilts, but this one just seemed to need one. I finished it on Saturday morning, stitching the label on whilst sitting in the car as everyone else hid eggs. It was ooohhed and aaahhed over quite a bit. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, though I think the little red patches get a little lost amongst the little Clifford dogs. The winner thought it was cute, and was going to give it to her 2 year old grandson. I am happy it is going to a child, and I hope it gets lots of love.

Isn't the backing fabric cute -- little dog bones! I bound the quilt in black, and had that all finished by Friday night. I slipstitch it onto the back by hand, and I do find it very calming and therapeutic to sit on the couch and stitch. I put the binding on and started the handwork on Thursday.

Here is a progress photo of the quilting. Normally I don't quilt my own quilts, because I don't like to do it. However, I made this quilt in a month's time, and didn't have time to take it in the shop. It turned out pretty good, though I can see all the mistakes (isn't that always how it is?). I do my quilting kinda backwards, in that I have the quilted part behind the foot, instead of in front. My sewing machine light burned out, and the shadows made it harder to work also. I started the quilting on Saturday the 8th, and had it finished by Wednesday.

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Tini said...

this is awesome. I hope that it will receive the love it deserves!