Sunday, April 23, 2006


One thing I love as much as fabric/fiber arts (and shoes but we won't go there now), is books. It is not possible to have too many books, is it? I am blessed to live in a city with a great library system. I can search the entire county system online, reserve my books, tell them which library to send them to, and get an email when they arrive. Is that great or what? Lots of times I look up books on Amazon, and then open up another browser window to check if the library has it. I love it.

Right now I have Organizing Your Craft Space checked out (I picked it up on Friday), and I think I'll have to buy this one. Some great inspiration and ideas. You can get it as a bundle with Where Women Create, which the library system doesn't have yet, but I have heard good things about that book as well. My friend Jennifer has been getting into Precious Metal Clay, so I have about 4 books on that checked out, with 2 more coming. David thinks the PMC is really really cool, so I'm sure we have a new hobby. Can you imagine -- you could MAKE the perfect buttons for that perfect jacket!

One more site I want to share with you: Library Elf. This is a fantastic site. It keeps track of all the library cards you enter into their system. Both my older two boys have their own library cards, and I have mine. When we go to the library, we all check out multiple books. We also go at least once a week. I used to get on the CountyCat and check each card, manually entering each number, logging in, checking the list, logging out, entering the next number, etc. Well, Library Elf takes care of all that for me! It emails me 3 days before books are due, emails me when holds are ready for pickup, emails me if we have overdue books and each email has a consolidated list of all the books that are checked out, ready for pickup, etc. ALL the books, for each of our cards. Do check it out (hee hee, little pun there), and if your library system is there, consider signing up; it's free and has been wonderful for us.


Carol K said...

Thank you so much for the Library elf tip. I never heard of it. I use our local library web site but it doesn't do reminders and we were used to that in Indianapolis, where we moved from. It was so awesome and we have paid lots of fines here! So thank you for making my life easier and saving us money!

Carol in TX, mom of 3

SewChic said...

I had never heard of the library elf system until I read you blog. Thanks, Linda! I love that they will send me reminder notices when my books are due!

Also, I checked out both books that you mentioned. Where Women Create is more of a coffee table type book.... lots of nice pictures, but not as much information as Organizing Your Craft Space. In fact, most of the pictures in Where Women Create are also in the Organizing book, but that's because their both by the same author, I suppose. I am enjoying both books.
Ruth (NMSL)