Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Monday

This past weekend was pretty good. I got most of the quilting done on the Clifford quilt, all that is left is to quilt the borders and put the binding on. I have until Saturday morning to have it completely finished. We went to the zoo yesterday for about an hour (it was free day, and was packed). The weather was beautiful, and I bought some new rain boots, so I mucked in the garden, cleared out brush and leaves, and filled 3 lawn bags. Hopefully I can get some compost this week and we can plant our carrots soon. We got our tax returns from the accountant, and are getting a refund (a nice change from last year!), which should pay for the fence. I need to call the digger's hotline to have the wires marked.

It's gorgeous today, so after lunch we are going to walk to the library and probably stop at Winkies for a treat. The boys are excited to start our study of Ancient Rome, and hope to find a bunch of good books. We finished Stuart Little, and need to get another read-aloud book for bedtimes. I hope to work some more on the quilt tonight, and maybe fill another lawn bag with leaves. I really really really want to get this yard looking nice this summer.

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beki said...

Holy cow! Do you hand quilt all that?