Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Stuff

This past weekend was really nice. Calvin and I went to the UWM Science Bag on Friday night, and learned all about the differences between lakes and oceans. It was a lot of fun, and Calvin got to create a tsunami. Afterwards we stopped for an ice cream cone at Culvers. On Saturday morning, we did a river cleanup in honor of Earth Day. It is so sad how much garbage people throw around. Caleb was gone most of the weekend, camping overnight with a Boy Scout troop.

Saturday afternoon I made this top. The first garment I've made this year! It had been cut out for ages, and I finally finished it. It's OOP KS 2643, and I think this one ended up too big. I think the fabric is really cool, but it's not "me". If you want more information, go read my review. I've made this top 4 times now, and all those photos are linked in the review.

I also made this Amy Butler Chelsea Handbag for a friend for her birthday. I used some leftover fabric I had laying around from a different bag. I think it's darling, and I also think I have enough to make the tote version (for me!). It went together beautifully. I changed a few construction techniques, and I'll be writing a review for it in the next few days (Review is here -- step by step pictures of how I did the handles are there).

Today was just gorgeous (70 degrees), and after getting our studies done, we walked to the library and then met a friend and her kids at the park. Tomorrow is supposed to be crummy, so I'm glad we got outside today.

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cmarie12 said...


I like the top! What am I missing? Does it not fit well? Don't you like the color? I need more info!?!