Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fourteen Years

Fourteen years ago, in Scottsdale, Arizona, it was pouring rain. It was raining so hard that one could have taken a shower outside! I was told then that rain on your wedding day was good luck, so I guess we got a lot of it! I think people just make that up to make you feel better that it's raining. Originally, we had planned an outdoor wedding, but ended up inside instead, in this lovely avocado green 1970s courtroom. This was a last minute change, and the only people that got to see our actual ceremony were the people that came with us, so quite a few people thought we pulled an April Fool's joke. That's my friend Kelly on the left, and David's brother, Steven, is on the right. After the ceremony we had a lovely dinner reception in a nearby french restaurant, in their garden house. (yes, I made my wedding suit. More pictures here)

David and I met in November 1988, in Long Beach, at college. Three weeks later I went home with him for Thanksgiving at his mom's house. The following Christmas, when this photo was taken, he came to Wisconsin to meet my family, and then I went to Iowa to meet the rest of the family, where this picture was taken. Man, we look like children! After getting married, we moved here to Wisconsin. The first winter, David figured he was insane to live here, and then when we had a snowstorm on our first anniversary, I thought he might leave!

Time has treated us well. We've had our good times and bad times, and are happier now than ever before. I love him more and more each day. I love how he smells after his morning shower, I love his sexy hands, I love watching him play with the boys, and I love it when he fixes breakfast. (yes, I made this dress too)

We've aged well together, and I look forward to many more years with this man. He puts up with my quirks (the purple hair, goofy glasses, sewing addiction), I put up with his (the video games, extra super spicy foods, more clothes than any one person should have). Normally we don't give presents to each other, but today I gave him The Essential Johnny Cash. Later on, he's going to take me shoe shopping for some new running shoes, and we'll probably get some nice takeout for supper.

I love you, babe!

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Lindsey said...

Happy anniversary Linda and hubby :)

How cool to see you guys through the years. I never realized it but you are probably a good indicator of what my best friend from high school will look like a about 7 more years- those older photos of you look so much like her.

It sounds like you guys have had a good life so far and a fun 14th anniversary! Keep up the good work :D