Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bike Rider!

Look who can ride a bike now!

He did it for the first time on Monday, and now we can't get him off of it. :)


Leslie in Austin said...

Hey! Look at him go! Now you'll need to make him some cycling togs so he'll look good when he's training to be the next Lance Armstrong. Jalie makes a good looking jersey pattern and one of the yahoo co-ops is running a good deal on MM Power Dry and Power Stretch ;-)

Kelly said...

Hi Linda! The new cat house is awesome...and you are right that those lions, tiger, and other big cats come awfully close to you. Sofie was a little apprehensive about them!! Can you believe the weather yesterday? I head snow is in the forecast later in the week though. Bummer!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Go Calvin! I'm heading to Milwaukee again in April. I hope I get a chance to stop and visit with you all.