Friday, June 30, 2006

New Look 6596

I don't like to wear shorts, so I made a new skirt last week, while the boys were in Vacation Bible School. This pattern is so fast and easy! According to the size chart and my measurements, I should have made a 16 (30" waist, 40" hips). After some flat pattern measuring, I felt that was a bit big, so I cut a 14 instead. The front and back are the same piece, and then the waistband, so cutting and sewing were really fast. Once I got the skirt together and wore it for a while, I felt the 14 was still too big. Last night I cut it down to a 12, which you see pictured here. Click here to see the 14 on me. The 12 is 2" smaller than the 14, and I am much happier with it.

In April, Carolyn wrote about post on her blog about techniques that turn her on. I have some of the same feelings. Yeah, I can whip out a skirt like this in an hour or so, and it'll look nice and be quite wearable, but isn't it so much nicer to have it lined and finished like this? THIS is one of the reasons I sew: I can have what I want, and it's pretty both inside and out.

Not a bad looking skirt for 1.5 yds of an Amy Butler print (cost: about $8), 1 yd of Ambiance (cost: about $8, though in my stash for ages so it's really free), and 1 yd of 1" elastic (cost: 95 cents). I have two more AB prints in the queue for more of these skirts. David doesn't know if he likes it -- says it looks "June Cleaverish", but if I glam it up with some wedges and a pretty blouse, I'm sure he'll change his mind. ;)


Mardel said...

Great skirt! I think the Amy Butler prints are wonderful skirts and they can be dressed up or down. Being able to line and nicely finish the skirt is also one of the big plusses of being able to sew, the skirt looks better in the long run, and I feel better just knowing it is nicely made.

Liana said...

I agree, great skirt! It is nicer to wear clothing that's finished with linings, etc. just so they feel better to you, the wearer, if nothing else. I think your DH will come around! After all, June Cleaver looked pretty good. :)

rostitchery said...

linda, you are so beautiful that you could wear this skirt made out of the dog's bed and you would still look amazing.

the fact that you used this pretty fabric just means you look amazing without having to smell like a dog. :D

Linda said...

Looks great! The 12 is a better fit.

Denise-Homeschool mom to 8 said...

June Cleaver never looked so good! and her skirt would have been longer. You look fabulous!