Thursday, June 08, 2006


I love shoes. Being short (5'2"), I especially love heels. Being a SAHM, heels are impractical, but that doesn't stop me. :)

Every season I have a shoe quest. Last fall/winter, it was brown suede boots (no luck, didn't find anything that fit my vision). This spring/summer, it's wedge espadrilles. Tuesday I found some that fit my vision, from Franco Sarto. Aren't they great? I was --->this<--- close to buying the red ones instead. (I already have about 4 pairs of red shoes!) The black is more versatile for me right now. Anyway, I think these are going to be great for this summer, with either skirts or pants. Being wedges, though, they don't sit well on my shoe racks.

I still need some summer shoes that will be practical for everyday wear. I plan to make a few skirts from New Look 6354 or something similar (I don't like shorts). Suggestions anyone?


beki said...

I love the shoes and I love that pattern! That is the same pattern I've been using for my skirts - it is super duper easy. I use the a-line one. KS 3098 is good too, if you want to use denim or stretch twill.

Alison said...

We were at Payless last night to get the boys summer sandals. They all got ones with lights on them. With the buy one get one half off deal, I was browsing to see if I wanted to buy that fourth pair, and I found some very high wedge slides with clear heels WITH LIGHTS IN THEM! Just like the kids'. You should get them! hee hee.

fashion said...

I too love heel shoes....Especially iam crazy on my timberland give me a confident walk