Monday, June 05, 2006

State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair Premium Book has been available online for about 2 weeks now. I haven't decided what I'm going to enter yet. I enter stuff every year, but last year (and this year so far) was pretty slow for me, sewing-wise. The quilt competition is really heavy, so I never enter quilts (besides, I usually don't quilt my own quilts, so I don't think they are eligible anyway). I can use this as an opportunity to finish 2 UFOs: my pink tweed jacket and a red silk duppioni La Fred Europa blouse.

I usually enter a few things in the food categories as well. Strawberry jam is always entered (less than a month until strawberry season! We so need it -- we ran out of last year's jam about 6 weeks ago), sometimes peach, and usually a mixed fruit jam. Sometimes I bake (have never placed, though), and sometimes I make regular food (mac-n-cheese, mexican rice).

Entries need to be postmarked by July 1, so I have a few weeks to decide yet.

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