Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We used the long holiday weekend to drive to Iowa to visit David's side of the family. It's about a 400 mile drive each way, and I worked on some socks for Calvin. I'm using Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted knit on 2s :

It was so nice to knit and listen to the iPod. This is the first sock. I used to knit socks quite a bit, and had a generic pattern in my head, but that's gone now. :) I used this sock calculator to come up with the pattern. I changed the heel flap directions to get the honeycomb effect. Turning the heel wasn't like I remember, so I need to look around and find a different one. Otherwise, everything else came back real quick. As you can see, I like to do socks on 5 dpns. I get all mixed up with 2 circs or that magic loop thing.

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bfmomma said...

cool! Looks great...

I hate socks on dpns, though. magic loop is the best, but if I have to, then two circs :)