Monday, March 10, 2008

New Camera

I finally bought a new camera yesterday. For the past month, I've borrowed my mom's camera when needed (thanks mom!), but had to stop using that crutch. I came home with a Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS (I didn't pay as much, whoo!), and I really like it.

The boys and I had fun playing with it yesterday:
Caleb snapped this through the window, with the zoom.

He set it to take black and white photos. I like this one of Connor and me.

The camera has this cool panoramic setting. You take three photos, and the camera 'stitches' them together. When you take the first photo, the right side of the photo stays in the viewfinder, and you pan to the right until it matches your scene, then snap the 2nd photo. Same for the third, and viola! Three Calvins! :) We sure had fun playing with this one.

Now I'm going back to bed, as I spent most of the night coughing. I'm tired of the family being sick.


Julie P. said...

ohhhh.. is that what "stitch" means?? so cool. i should read my manual to figure out all the fun stuff i can do with my camera.

did your mom learn to use her camera yet???

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a cool little camera!
I hope everyone feels better soon...being sick sucks.