Sunday, December 14, 2008

Judges Meet

Calvin had his first gymnastics meet of the season today, and did pretty well! He placed 14th in his level (5) and age division (7-9) with his All Around score (79.6), out of 46 boys. Considering that six months ago he had never even been on 3 of the 6 apparatus (rings, pommel, and p-bars), that's great!

Before I get to the videos, I want to let you know that there is a new scoring system. If you watched the Olympics, you saw gymnasts get scores above 10, such as 16.325. In 2006, FIG instituted a new scoring system that combines an execution score (where the 10.0 would be awarded for a perfect routine) with a degree of difficulty score (such as 6.5, this is decided by the skills that are combined in the routine). This year the new scoring system is being used not just in the elite levels but in all levels. So, the boys are now getting scores like 13.8, or 14.1. At Calvin's level, all boys do the same routines, so in order to get the higher scores, one tries for bonus points. For instance, on floor, bonus points are awarded for holding the press to handstand for 3 seconds, or for doing 2 back handsprings at the end of the routine instead of 1. (Trust me, I don't understand it all yet either)

Ok, on to the videos! Unfortunately half of his floor routine is out of focus because it was quite crowded downstairs in the actual gym, so I was trying to get pictures from upstairs. (word of advice: taking video through glass doesn't work) Here is his floor routine, with a score of 14.1:

I then moved down into the gym. Next, his pommel horse routine, with a score of 11.2. Pommel horse does not get the nickname "the beast" for nothing:

Currently, Calvin's favorite apparatus is the rings. Bonus points are given if one can do the muscle-up (a pull-up that transitions into a dip. It's the first skill he does in the routine) without help. He got a 14.2:

On vault he got a 14.0. Bonus points are scored for height:

He got a score of 12.8 on the parallel bars:

His last event was high bar. He is so close to getting his kip (he's managed to do it once or twice), and when he does, he'll get bonus points for doing it on his own. He got a score of 13.3 yesterday:

I had a really fun time watching him compete. Now he has about 3 weeks to refine his routines for the next meet.


Gwen said...

Please give my congratulations to Calvin! That is very impressive, especially this early in his "career"! ;)

Does he really love gymnastics? Can you see him doing this for a long time?

Julie P. said...

your videos are excellent. i'm so glad i got to see his floor routine!

Kathleen C. said...

Wow! He has really grown so much as a gymnast! That last run on the floor... the double back flips? Holey Cow! And his rings were awesome!
Congratulations Calvin!!!

Roger said...

Extremely proud of you! Make's my heart warm to see you perform these difficult routines. Love Grandpa Roger

You look just fantastic, I can't believe how strong you are to do those very difficult routines. Love Nana Joyce

Kathy & Peter Eidsmoe said...

Kudos Calvin! Peter and I are so impressed with your strength, coordination, and balance. All the marks of a great gymnasts. Pete says keep practicing. With your potential you can meet all your goals.