Monday, January 24, 2011

Swiss Cup

We had another gymnastics meet Saturday night. The team started on high bar, and Calvin did not compete on that event. He really needs to work through whatever issue he is having on it, because he will not be able to qualify for state without a high bar score.

After high bar they rotated to floor, where he got a score of 13.8:

Next was pommel horse, where he got a score of 7.6, one tenth better than last week, plus I think he didn't fall off as much:

After pommel comes rings, with a score of 11.2:

On vault he got a score of 14.2:

The team ended on the parallel bars, where Calvin got a score of 11.9:

His all-around score was 58.7, improving by two tenths from last week. Next meet is in 3 weeks, so he has plenty of time to focus on getting that high bar routine ready for competition!

By the way, this meet was especially fun to watch, as the session was for levels 7 through 10. Some of the skills the 10s do are just breathtaking, and sometimes it was hard to decide which event to watch.


Gwen said...

Oh man, I am just in awe of Calvin and all of those young gymnasts!
Thanks for the tip about applying interfacing to a shirt facing - it makes perfect sense and I'm looking forward to trying it next time! :)

BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

Wow, your boy! Look at that! Thoe rings, wow, just astonishing.