Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Flowers

I've been spending a lot of time in the garden again. We've harvested some tomatoes and our peppers (sweet bell, serrano, and habanero) look good and healthy. Here's some of what is blooming right now:

Gladiolus (gladioli?) are my favorite flowers (these are in a vase on the kitchen table). I've always treated them as annuals, and thrown them away in the fall, but these are so pretty I'm going to try and save them for next year.

Again, I've never saved dahlias either, but I'm going to try and save these too -- they are so pretty! This particular plant is just covered in blooms.

I bought and planted 2 hydrangeas this year. I can't remember if this is the bush with the large or small blossoms (I meant to get 2 of the same bush, but messed up). I'll be moving this one in the fall, it's getting more sun than I thought it would, and looks a bit burnt.

I think these are called Ozark Sundrops. They are so cheery. :)

I have so many ideas/plans percolating in my head, regarding the yard. Those of you reading this that garden, how do you keep track of what you want to do? I'm thinking of getting a little notebook, maybe a pocket calendar, and writing down my ideas, along with noting plants I want to move or divide, and when. I should probably sketch out the landscaping that I've done so far as well, and label the plants on the sketch. What do you do?


Julie P. said...

hydrangeas are my favorite. your garden looks fab.

Anonymous said...

Hi I enjoy your blog, and love gardening as well as sewing and cooking. I keep a garden journal with photos/source notes for bulbs, seeds, etc. I think I have about 21 different varieties of tomato plants alone, and some do/taste better than others; next year I can replant my favorities and try new varieties. My favorite dahlia is vassio megos, which is a large dishplate dahlia in an beautiful lilac color. It is about 10 inches in diameter and ball shaped when it is in full bloom. At the end of the season, I cut the plant down to just slightly above ground level, and they bloom bigger and earlier the next year. If you like gladiolas, you might look at old house gardens dot com's website; they have unusual varieties of gladiola needs to order early because their supply goes very fast. I have purchased their tuberrose and lily bulbs, and they are beautiful. Linda M.

Cherie said...

I'm just starting my blog I sew I garden, so I really hear you! A garden journal is a great way to keep track - there is even a journal out there with space for five years of posts on each page. Include photos also, taped in, seed packs or tags from plants (so you'll know what it is if you forget), add ideas from magazine, Internet, and your own - it can even be totally digital on your computer if you are quick at scanning, or adding photos, which it looks like you are. (Love your macro photos, BTW). A friend did all of her journaling of her garden in a spreadsheet, including photos, tags, etc. Good luck!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful flowers!!!

bfmomma said...

oh, how gorgeous~!

Unfortunately, I don't have a place to keep track of things/ideas/plans. Originally they were written in our "house" notebook, but I've not done anything with that for awhile...

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are just nice, you are a great gardner, once you catch the bug, you just can't stop buying new plants to try. I would keep a gardner's journal, you can put in pictures of your plants and write in all about the plant. You can also jot down notes about were you are going to move your plants or how they did in current location, stuff like that.
Happy gardening!!

Cheryl said...

Hey Linda! You're pictures are great. I really miss gardening. I will have my chance next year. Anyway, I used to keep track of my perennials buy writing the name of them on one of those popsicle stick things that you can buy,(forgot what they're called), and they would last through the winter. I also took pictures of the garden so that I could remember what I planted, where, even in the pots on the porch.
I love gladiolas too, I had them one year and the next they were gone! (I had someone help me prep the garden one year and lots of perennials went missing!) :(
Good luck. I love gardening. Miss you!