Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Last Meet

Last night, Calvin had his last gymnastics meet of the year. He did well, winning 4 medals. Check it out - he is his normal silly self during gymnastics sometimes!

Ok, on to what the grandparents and friends really want: the videos! You know the drill:

His floor routine, earning a score of 9.35, and second place:

Next, his beam routine, earning a score of 9.5, and first place (and a sloppy dismount, IMO):

Third, his bar routine, earning a score of 8.8. He had some trouble, but you can sure get an idea of how strong he is:

Lastly, his vault, placing first with a score of 9.85:

He won the gold All Around medal with a total score of 37.50. Four medals! He had a good time, though I am glad the meets are over for this year. They make a long long day for him (he needs to be there at 5:30 for stretching and warm-ups [which means eating supper at 4:30], march-in starts at 6:25, and the meet usually ends around 8:15). Of course, it's exciting, so bedtime doesn't really happen when it should, and it's a struggle getting up the next morning.

His total medal count this season: 16, plus one trophy!
We'll find out on Monday if he moves up to the next level.

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