Thursday, December 20, 2007

Secret Project

Christmas is only 5 days away! ACK!!! Connor is over the moon about Thomas the Tank Engine. I've been trying to make a quilt for him:
This is as far as I am. Everthing is cut, and sitting there. I have to work on it in secret, and that's been pretty hard to do. It shouldn't take long to do, it's getting the time to do it! (I can't even let him see me working on this post, as he'll get obsessed with the photo) I may have to do some late night sewing, and I don't like to sew at night.

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Kris C. said...

Good luck finishing your quilt! I have a 4-year-old Connor who is also obsessed with Thomas. He's not getting a quilt this year, but he has a pillowcase in that same fabric, and I have a fleece hoodie cut out that *may* get done in time...