Friday, May 02, 2008

Court Jester: Tunics

Yesterday was a costume production day, and I finished the tunics and hats. Originally, I had hoped to make each tunics different. However, I ran out of gold, plus was on a time constraint, so the tunics are the same, just reversed in colors. I tried to get more gold fabric, but couldn't find it again. This gold duppioni was the closest I could find.

The tunics are basically rectangles. I cut two fronts/backs out of both red and green, about 14x29. I then used the pattern I made for the pharaoh costume and cut the shoulder slope and neckline.

To finish off the neckline, I made a facing pattern, cut it out of the duppioni, and fused it with knit interfacing. I stitched the tunic RST at the shoulders and CF/CB. I then attached the right side of the facing to the wrong side of the tunic, stitched, trimmed, and clipping it, and flipped it right side out.

After pressing the neckline, I edgestitched the facing down. An easy way to finish off the neckline and make it look like a collar at the same time.

The sleeves are rectangles also (13x15), and I dagged the hems. I put a 3" bias gusset in the underarm. Hemmed the bottom and side slits and they are finito!

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