Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sharing My Passion

Tomorrow is Student Interest Day at Calvin's school. A while back, they sent home flyers, asking if parents had a hobby or job they'd like to share about, and I volunteered to talk about sewing. I've been trying to think of what I'm going to do. Turns out I will have 2 sessions, about 45-50 minutes each, with a mix of first through fifth graders in each session. The sessions were pretty popular, and are full with 20 kids in each one!

So far, I'm planning to bring some clothes, some costumes, and some quilts for the kids to see and touch. I'm also thinking I'll set up a sewing machine that the kids can try out (no fabric or thread, just run paper through it so they get a feel for it). I'll talk about how I like solving puzzles and creating things, and sewing is both for me. My friend Rowena said that she did something similar at her daughter's school, and she showed the children what patterns look like, and put together a doll shirt so the kids could see flat pieces turn into clothes.

It was suggested that I try and have something that the kids could do hands-on and bring home, so I'm thinking to have small bean bags sewn up, and I'll show the kids how to close them using a mattress stitch (I'll have a few helpers).

Am I missing anything? Trying too much? Any other ideas?


Micki said...

I think you should bring a couple of your ribbons you've won at the fair. You could help plant the seed of future fair entries! Maybe you'd feel like it would be bragging, but I don't think so. Some of the children may not be able to enter things yet, but if you put the thought into their heads, who knows? Sewing for the fair has really helped me learn a lot more about sewing than I would have otherwise. Just a thought.

Have fun!

Gwen said...

It sounds like a lot of fun! And those all sound like good ideas - especially letting them sew a bit and keep their own bean bag. Will you make them in lots of crazy fabrics so that the kids can pick ones that they really like? Have fun! :)