Sunday, June 22, 2008


I used the panoramic setting on the camera, it kinda distorts things, but you can see more. (click on the photos to make them bigger)

Here are the results of our hard work this past week. Over the course of 4 days we planted 4 dogwoods, 4 vibernum, 8 arborvitae, 1 limelight hydrangea, 3 weigela, 1 service berry, 1 river birch, 3 grey owl junipers, 6 diablo ninebark, 3 blue spruce, and 3 staghorn sumac. I also moved 3 roses, dug up and divided various iris and daffodils, moved 2 oriental poppies, and cut the grass. It looks great!

We also moved this big rock. I'm guessing it weighs 250-300 pounds. At first I guessed 200#, but David says it's definitely more. To move this, David built a sledge out of some plywood and 2x4. We used a crowbar as a lever, tied a rope around the rock, had a boy on each side pulling, while David pulled in the middle, and I pushed. We put a broomstick handle underneath the sledge to make it roll, and got it from the back corner of the lot (by the telephone pole) all the way over to the side. If the Egyptians could build the pyramids, and the Incans could do Machu Pichu without horses, we were going to move this rock! Ancient History comes in handy sometimes! If only I got a photo, it was pretty cool.

Now we need to weed a bit more, clean up our dirt mounds and order mulch. But first, I'm going camping to relax. Yeah, really.


Mary Beth said...

Whew! You all have saved a bundle of money and really done a ton of work. It looks great. Love those Egyptians!!!

Tim & Tamara said...

It looks AMAZING. That is a lot of landscaping! Great work!!

The new house we're looking at buying will need a lot of landscaping. You'll have to give me some ideas when we're ready. :)

beki said...

Wow, Linda, y'all have been busy!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow! It is beautiful!!!

Micki said...

It looks gorgeous. What a lot of work, but so worth it!!!!

Cheryl said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see in up close. Great work you guys!