Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Iowa Boys Invitational

This past weekend was spent in Iowa, for another gymnastics meet. As there was no school on Friday or Monday, we made it a little family vacation, visiting with relatives, who were able to come and watch Calvin compete (even his great-grandmother -- how special is that!). We drove into Des Moines on Friday night (running into a bad snowstorm just at the end of our drive). Saturday afternoon we drove up to Iowa City for the meet, watching a NCAA mens meet that night. Very cool! Sunday morning was Calvin's session, and afterwards we drove back to Des Moines to visit some more. We came home yesterday. Phew! Ok, on to the videos!

This time, Calvin started on rings. He got a score of 14.6, and 4th place (level 5 age 9):

Next was vault, and he stuck his landing! With a score of 14.9, he got first place:

Then it was on to p-bars, where he got a score of 13.2. I can see he is still sometimes hesitant to go all the way up into the handstand. I think he doesn't want to fall over again:

On high bar, he got a score of 13.9 and 4th place:

Then it was floor, where he had a brain fart and botched up his first pass. He did a dive roll instead of a front handspring and realized it while he was doing it! He finished off his routine and was laughing about his mistake afterwards. He got a score of 13.5:

His last event was his nemesis, the pommel horse (actually, it's the mushroom he has trouble on). He got a 12.0:

His all around score was 82.1, which got him on the podium in 6th place. Overall, we had a wonderful time at this meet. There were teams from 8 different states (NE, IA, IL, KS, SD, WI, MN, and ND) and everyone had a good time. I'll definitely sign him up for this meet again next year.


Micki said...

Great job Calvin! Kate likes watching the videos. She waves when they are on!

Gwen said...

Congratulations to Calvin! Sounds like a good meet! Special congratulations on his 1st place and on his ability to laugh at himself! ;)

It is super cool that his great-grandmother got to see him compete - a day that both will remember forever! :)