Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm Running

A friend of mine emailed last week that she was starting her "get my body back after baby" program, and was anyone interested in joining her. So, I started running with her last Saturday. One of my goals this year is to get stronger and in better shape. The last time I lost some weight, running is what melted it off. Unfortunately, my knee started really hurting, so I stopped. Some friends suggested that the cause was that I didn't have proper running shoes, so on Friday I went and got fitted for some:
I love them, and I've put 6.4 miles on them so far (3 separate runs), and NO knee pain! While I'm still not crazy about the actual running part, I do love the endorphin rush afterwards, and I'm feeling better overall.

My ultimate goal is to do the Danskin this year. It's my last chance if I want to do it before I'm 40. My other goal is that I want to look good in my bikini when we go on our annual camping trip in June. :)


Cheryl said...

It's great that you're running! I love the shoes...

Ryan Fish said...

Good luck on your goals. I try running but I can never stay consistent.

It reminds me of an jazz club owner who quit his job, started running long distance, and became a novelist. I finally found it on the New Yorke website:

Let me know if you get through the article. It's one of my favorite and I hope it inspires.