Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been dreaming and planning my gardening projects for this summer. One of those projects is ripping out some grass and building 3 raised beds for our veggies and strawberries. The grass was torn out 3 weeks ago, the lumber has yet to be purchased.

I live in Zone 5, and stuff usually doesn't get put out in the garden until Memorial Day. This year I am ahead of the game and have started my seeds:

Don't they look cute? We've got roma tomatoes there in the front, broccoli on the left in the back, red sunflowers there on the right in the back (yes, I know sunflowers can get sown directly in the ground. Every time I do that, the squirrels dig up the seeds), and watermelons there in the front, in the paper egg carton. I'll be thinning these out and putting them in bigger pots probably next week. I bought some heirloom tomato seeds today, and I hope to find tomatillo seeds soon. Barring that, I hope to find tomatillo plants come late May.

BTW -- anyone know anything about urban beekeeping?


Cheryl said...

Love the seedlings...I used to do that every year.
I brought seeds back with me and found everything except for tomatillo or asparagus.
Bee keeping...remember we tried to salvage the bees from that huge hive that we found? We failed. They died because their syrup froze and they didn't have anything to eat:(
Good luck with your garden this year!

New Mama said...

I think there is an urban beekeeping class offered on the Milwaukee County grounds. Are you thinking of getting into this? I'm interested in it, but I don't know if our houses are too close together by me for that.

Mary Beth said...

Tomatillo seeds: is where I got mine but I see only Purple de Milpa there now (huh?)(maybe if you called them) Anyway, I've never seen a tomatillo plant for sale. I have got to remember to start the sunflowers In Side this year. Thx for the reminder!!!