Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vogue 1282

I made a top and skirt last week:
Calvin and I had to go to a bar mitzvah on Saturday, and of course I needed something nice to wear. I decided on Vogue 1282, out of a grey knit I've had in my stash for, oh, 8ish years. It's some sort of synthetic, and is spongy. I made a size 12 (for reference, my measurements: chest 33.5", bust 39", waist 31", hips 40.5", I'm 5'2"ish and wear a 34E). Both pieces went together really quickly.

The top is only one pattern piece. I added about 1.75" to each side of the CB seam at the hip. I didn't need to add that much -- it fits fine but I think I'd like it a bit snugger so that it bunches up more. The pattern calls for the top to be cut on the bias, which is stupid, because it's out of a knit. I ended up cutting it cross grain, as my fabric was only 45" wide. Since it's a 4 way stretch, cross grain isn't a problem.

After stitching up the CB seam, I tried it on, and needed to take the neckline in. I took it in about .75".

See how nice it lays with that adjustment?

The armholes are finished off with a straight grain strip of fabric. I used a .25" seam allowance, as they would have been a bit low with the standard 5/8" one. I'd heard the neckline was low, so after trying it on I stitched it up another inch. It's still low, but hey, when life gives you curves, flaunt them.

I put lingerie guards to keep the top sitting correctly all the time.

The skirt went together very quickly as well. It's only 2 pieces, 3 if you count the straight grain strip for the elastic waist casing. I shortened it 3" above the split, and I'm thinking I might take it up an inch or so more. There are 4 tucks in the front of the skirt along with multiple tucks in the side back seams.

One more picture of Calvin photobombing me:


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What a great outfit on you! It's nice to see photos of you wearing one of your creations and I love, love, love, the color streak in the front of your hair!

Modiste Madness said...

I see Calvin is now haunting you. Tell him he looked like a super hero.

Rose said...

Wow! you look amazing. it's great to see the pattern made up on a real person as opposed to a model. IO'll have to pull out my copy of the pattern and hope for similar results.



Juanita said...

This looks great on you. I love it when a simple 2-3 piece pattern gives such terrific results.