Friday, February 09, 2007

Card Making

Valentine's Day is coming, so we are working on making cards. I got this idea from a Family Fun magazine (the 2/2006 issue, I think). We cut hearts out of white cardstock (these hearts are 5" tall and 5.5 inches wide). Then we cut the same size heart from pink translucent paper (on clearance at Michaels -- how convenient!). I was able to get 3 hearts out of a standard sheet of cardstock, and 5 hearts from the 12x12 translucent paper. I then used a fancy edge scissors (deckle edge maybe?) on the pink heart. The boys then used the foam stamps to stamp a heart on the cardstock. The stamps are all different kinds of hearts, and we used bright pink ink.

Next we punched an even number of holes around the edge -- we found 16 was a good number. If there are too few, the candy falls out. Now we laced 1/4" sheer ribbon through the holes (24" was just the right length). Before the boys get to the last few holes at the top, they put some candy in the valentine. Some Gobstoppers and Sweet Tarts seem to be the winning combo. I'm partial to Conversation Hearts myself.

Our finished Valentines! Pretty cute, no?


bfmomma said...

very cute!

C. started to hand-make valentines one year and didn't get past the fifth one ;)

AnnieT said...

Linda, they're spectacular! I'll have to keep this in mind for when my littles are in school. Brilliant!

cmarie12 said...

Those are just absolutely darling! Great project!

Jen L. said...

Those turned out sooo cute. I can't imagine Autumn and Zoe having the patience to do them. I hardly recognize Caleb!

Liana said...

These are so cute! And what fun to do a project like this with your boys. Pretty fun!