Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some Miscellaneous Sewing

I've been sewing on some quickie miscellaneous projects:

This is a chalice veil for my mom's church. They needed a black one for Ash Wednesday, and instead of ordering one (for $250!), my mom decided to make it. She came over to get some advice on fabric (the green one was our sample), and I showed her some stuff from my stash. This black wool was perfect. I even had ambiance to line it with, and offered to sew it up. It's a 28" square, and took me an hour.

Yes, another superhero cape and cowl. This particular one is for a little boy up in Eau Claire. His family suffered a horrible tragedy about a month ago, and a few of us on NMSL are putting together care packages for him and his mom (due with twins in april). I also made one last Saturday for a friend of Calvin's. I've made FOUR of these already this year!


Kris said...

I love the superhero cape and cowl. (I really need to make one for my little guy eventually.) I'll bet that Aidyn will love it! Four superhero capes this year, huh? Does that make you Edna? :)

mamafitz said...

oh no, doesn't edna say "No capes!"? didn't dyna-guy get sucked into a jet engine or caught on a rocket? and just look what happened to Syndrome. :)

yeah, i've seen that movie too many times.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger, but I entered making chalice veils and got your site/blog!
You said yours was 28" square - I plan to line the one Father asked me to make but isn't there a cardboard square involved somewhere or a place for the corporal??? How did it stay in a square over the chalice? we don't have a go-by. Thanks,