Monday, September 03, 2007


To end our summer, we took a 5 day trip up to the Twin Cities. We had a wonderful time; it was great to be just the five of us with no one else. We left on Wednesday, and meandered our way up via LaCrosse, WI and then followed the Mississippi River on up through Red Wing, MN, and on to the Twin Cities.

We stopped in Merrick State Park so that Calvin could go fishing. He caught 2 fish! David thinks this first one was a baby small mouth bass. Then he caught a bigger fish, but I don't know what it was. Wednesday was Calvin's birthday, and even though he had to spend most of it in the car, being able to fish made his day -- heck, it made his week!

On Thursday, we went to the Minnesota State Fair. The arts and crafts were phenomenal! Gorgeous quilts, embroidery, sewing, and woodworking. The 4H stuff was incredible too. There also was an 'Eco' building, with displays of solar panels and wind turbines one could buy, information on reducing one's carbon footprint, and all sorts of info on 'green' living.

On Friday we spent most of the day at the Waterpark of America. I got to meet an online friend and her family, and we spent the day swimming and playing. Caleb tried surfing a few times, as did David. Calvin says he went once too!

Connor and I enjoyed the lazy river, and also spent time in the hot tub. :) The family raft ride was great! Ten stories tall! Fast! Scary! Connor went twice!

The main reason we decided on Minneapolis was for the Renaissance Festival. Saturday was spent there, beginning with Connor getting stung by a bee on his ear. He cried a bit, but was fine, and we got some ice from the first aid station to reduce the swelling. Caleb and Calvin fenced. We rode an elephant, played with bubbles, watched some belly dancers, played with swords and other weapons, and had a great time. Now everyone is begging me to whip up some costumes. :)

We had a really good time.


bfmomma said...

It sounds like a fantastic vacation and end-to-the-summer!

What'd you do in LaCrosse? (that's where I went to college and met DH)

jemima bean said...

Oh wow, that sounds like so much fun!! I missed the Renaissance Fair here this year. I really would love to take the kids, I think they'd have the best time!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Sounds like a wonderful end of summer vacation! Thanks for sharing it and the pics with us!

LauraM said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I LOVE the Renaissance Festival! We lived near one in Kansas City - I was trying to see how far we are from a really good one now to take the kids to.