Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blue Socks

Remember this sock? I started it earlier this year, and had made great progress on it during a Memorial Day weekend trip. Well, we tried it on Calvin and it was TOO SMALL! More accurately, too tight. I had used such a tight gauge that the sock wasn't very stretchy. ARGH! So, I cast it aside, and started over. During State Fair judging in July, I cast on the first sock of this pair. Yesterday I finished them. Calvin is thrilled. They are just a bit long (good for him to grow into), and a bit loose, but he likes his socks that way. This yarn is wool/bamboo, and feels heavenly.

The details:
Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura, color 1606
Needles/Gauge: size 2/8 sts per inch
Pattern: Classic Sock from Folk Socks
Size: Ladies S (56 sts)
Changes made: Eye of Partridge heel, worked toe to 16 sts and then grafted
Other info: worked ribbing for 4.75", then 10 rnds st st. worked foot for 4.625", then toe shaping.

I started these last night. I've never done toe-up socks before, and thought a pair of baby socks would be a good pair to learn on. I'm using the On Your Toes pattern chart and instructions from the summer '07 issue of Interweave Knits. Took me about 5 tries to get the eastern cast on right (love the IK illustrations, they really really helped), but after that it's been easy sailing. Once I finished the toe and started the patterning on the instep I switched to my customary 5 needles, instead of the 4 called for.

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bfmomma said...

They look awesome (both pairs/socks)!

I hope you fall in love with toe-ups as much as I have!

(and your socks are at the increase for the heel...come to knitting on Tuesday and you can see them :))