Friday, July 11, 2008

Floral Friday

Oh my goodness, my garden is sucking the life energy out of me. Ok, it's not that bad, but boy there is still a lot of work to do after getting all these plants in. I've been weeding, raking and smoothing out mounds of dirt, and tomorrow 10 yards of mulch are getting dumped on my driveway. Yeah, we'll be busy.

Anyway, here's what's blooming now:
Every year when we go strawberry picking, Calvin also picks out some plants to put in the yard. Last year he chose these balloon flowers, and 2 of them came back great (the third 1 looks awful).

I got this from a friend thinning out her garden, and she called this a butterfly weed. It's not very big, maybe 8" tall at most.

This milkweed plant is blooming, but we have no caterpillars on any of the plants this year. :(

More stella d'oro lilies. I like how they look against the diablo ninebark in the background.

I think I'm going to be scarce over the summer. State Fair entries are due on Wednesday (I'm not going to get everything done), judging is on Friday, and Calvin was asked to join a boys' gymnastics team. They put him in level 5, so now we have 9 hours of gymnastics a week (plus 1.5 hours of travel time each time!). He loves it, and I'll get lots of knitting done.


Mary Beth said...

I think it's totally amazing you are going to enter anything into the Fair. What a summer you've had so far! Meanwhile down South the early summer bloom time for the Stella D'Oro lilies is done already and I'm harvesting from the vegetables planted in among the foundation plants :) ~ DH hasn't wanted me to dig up the backyard for the food garden so I hope the neighbors are enjoying the squash and okra blossoms.

suzee said...

Beautiful! Especially your daylilies - mine are much paler - wish I'd gone for the stellas!

Enjoy the fair and the gymnastics!

Cheryl said...

I'll still be here! I'm so happy that Calvin is doing so well in gymnastics...I loved it as a child too.
I can't wait to see how the fair turns out for you! Best of luck!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I don't know the names of any flowers, so your pics are helpful. I love the milkweed! So pretty!